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Sunday, February 27, 2011

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This time around I'm reviewing Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill mascara which retails for $30. Now I just received a small trial size from one of my favorite clients but let me just say WOW. I actually really love it. Love it enough to contemplate buying a full size version when I run out.

While I didn't end up doing a post on YSL Effet Faux Cils mascara I did make it a point to say to everyone that while it was nice I didn't think that one was worth the money - it dried up in 2 months for goodness sake. Plus as volumizing as it was I felt I achieved a very similar look using my two Rimmel mascaras.

Now Eyes to Kill might be marketed as "length & volume lash artillery" but I think the place it really shines is length and separation. The brush didn't look that special when I first pulled it out but maybe the bristles are made from something different but I really felt that I would have had to WORK at it to make my lashes clump. With every stroke and coat my lashes just got longer and more defined with no clumping in site.

I do have to say though that this isn't the most volumizing mascara I've ever tried. It doesn't do badly but it doesn't do great either. But I'm a woman who likes ridiculously long lashes over volume because in my opinion too much volume can leave you with that "spider lashes" effect.

Now on to a few pictures:

Sorry for the blurrines but ya'll know my camera is still broken. Still what you can see here is just how long both my top and bottom lashes are. On top they extend far beyond the liner I've got and below this mascara makes my bottom lashes almost fake looking. Which is just cool. 

And from another angle:

Here again you can see how long and separate all my lashes are. Another fantastic thing I want to mention about this brush is that it's shape and bristles made it much easier on me to keep it off my eyes. The mascara went on the lashes and no where else, which makes it a lot easier to keep the soft smokey eye look I've got going on here clean and precise.

Final Verdict? I really liked this mascara and would recommend it to anyone who loves lots of length with great brush control.

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