Grammy Reflections (aka Rihanna I don't want to see your cooch)

Monday, February 14, 2011

For the first time in awhile I sat down last night and watched the Grammys. The whole thing from start to finish.

Amazing right?

Well I have to say that it mostly didn't suck. There were some amusing moments, some laugh out loud moments, even some amazing moments (which I think is about all anyone can ask for from an award show). But looking back, here are a collection of moments worthwhile enough to remember this morning:

1. Jennifer Hudson. I'm working on forgiving you for the whole Weight Watchers debacle, but ruining a perfectly good red carpet dress by showing your bra was just annoying. I don't care if the lace was pretty or if you were trying to make it 'strategic' - it didn't work. And your stylist should have told you hell no.

2. Ciara. Too cute for that ugly dress.

3. J-Lo. Not gonna lie, I did like her extra sparkly dress/hair combo. The little 'overbearing wife with embarrassing husband' bit she did with MA? Not funny. Extremely awkward-turtle for anyone who missed it.

4. Katy Perry. I'm a big sap and though I don't love her music, the performance she did showcasing parts of her wedding video made me go 'Aw'.

5. Usher. Fantastic as USUAL, though he also managed to showcase how much of a poser Justin Bieber is. 

6. Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, & Bob Dylan. Fantastic performance. FANTASTIC. I want to go out and buy the M&S album right now.

7. Nicole Kidman. Singing along to Katy Perry AND grooving to Mick Jagger? I kind of love you even more.

8. Rihanna. I may have let the Jean Paul Gautier half naked dress from your red carpet go because it was straight off the runway, but I did not need to become intimately familiar with your cooch. Please do not grind facing the television. My eyes and brain just cannot take it.

9. Eminem. Pretty fucking great I must say. Not really surprised but still - GO BEST RAP ALBUM OF THE YEAR!

10. Cee Lo Green and Gwenyth Paltrow. A good song, an actress who doesn't actually enjoying singing, and random puppets - what's not to like?

11. Mick Jagger and his Liberace cape moment. Loved it. That man will never die and if he does it will be on stage dancing as Tina Turner taught him. 

12. Gaga. I guess I have to say something right? Well her fashion was weirdo-tastic as usual, and her song sounded exactly like Madonna's 'Express Yourself'. Not really hiding the copying tactics so well now huh, Gaga?

13. Selena Gomez. Random I know but I didn't want to forget this point because her dress was unbelievable. Simply, elegantly, gorgeous and she should be commended for it. And for putting up with all those death threats from the Bieber fans....

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