ASOS Curve Review

Monday, February 7, 2011

First let me apologize that this post took so long! I'd been meaning to take pictures of everything for forever and then my camera broke! It was an epic adventure of WTF*ckery especially since just 1 or 2 pictures ago it had been acting fine. Apparently the older Cannon Powershot's have a factory defect that I unfortunately fell victim to, but it doesn't really matter why does it because it still means I'm stuck with a over-exposed taking sh*tty camera. Sigh. 

Either way I coerced my roommate into taking some mostly usable pictures of the items I bought from ASOS. The website is pretty easy to navigate through (though you can't search by size which I think is really dumb) and the free shipping is a great extra (return shipping is free too!). Everything I bought was from the plus sized ASOS Curve line and I think I'll have to admit defeat on it. I was hoping that since it was a UK brand things would run a bit small but in reality it seems that when something says it's a size US 16 it's pretty true to life.

I was impressed by the quality though and feel like it was a worthwhile attempt and I'll definitely head back and take a look through later for things in size 14!

I was so sad this didn't work :(. The skirt was incredibly soft and I didn't mind at all that it was stretchy because I'd been planning to wear it with a tank top tucked in anyway. But as you can see from the second pic there's no way it would have stayed up on my hips brand new, let alone after I'd worn it a few times. 

2. Brown Pencil Skirt (Size 16)

Again, loved the fabric, loved the cut, loved length, but it was just too big. In the first picture I'm holding it in at the waist to give you guys an idea of how I wanted it to fit. This type of beige-y brown would have been a great wardrobe staple for me too. Sigh. Returned.

3. Purple Skinny Jeans (Size 16)

These were a little weird. They were very fitted from about mid thigh down, but the waist was really big. I think these pants have to be made for women who just carry their weight a lot differently then I do. I liked the color though and even on my 5'6'' frame they were many inches too long, so I think they'd work really well on a longer limbed beauty. Returned.

4. Military Green Biker-eque Skinny Jeans (Size 16)

These were just a mess. I appreciated the attempt to add some tough chic-ery to the design with some patterned stuff around the knees, but it was just big all over. No way would these ever work. Returned. 

 **Stock Photo
This dress turned out to be an unexpected surprise - for my roommate! The fabric on this dress was nice and stiff, which allowed the neckline and the pleats to sit very complimentary. Unfortunately since it was not stretchy all, including the waistline you can see in the stock photo above, it was baggy on me pretty much everywhere. Luckily it looks great on my roomie though and for $17 it was a quite a bargain! Kept - but passed on!

Overall Feelings:
So what does this mean for ASOS? I think it means that 90% of the time they have nice quality, reasonably priced items - that run truer to size than I expected. I'm probably not going to get a lot from the Curve line but I'm very excited to try my hand at their other pieces and I highly recommend that people give them a try on their own, as free shipping to US costumers makes this a bargain even if things don't fit. 

Hope this was helpful! Later!

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