Back in Black

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ok I've been kind of torn about whether or not to post this one, but what the heh - it's always a learning experience, right? I do like the dress so why not show it?

I picked it up a few weeks ago at I think a TJ Maxx, and even though it's technically a junior's dress I think it works on my *very not* junior's frame. The first thing that caught my eye was the neckline - this dress has a beautiful scooped front with sleeves that go up and around the neck in what's almost a halter.

The other details that made this fit so well are the empire neckline and the slight pleats under the bust. It helps the dress flow over my stomach and rest along my hips.

Know what else I noticed about this dress? It is very very short. I just threw on some gray tights here, but looking at the pictures I think I wanna try it with black lace tights and black high heels. I don't mind the boots but the whole look isn't quite working for me.

But don't think that means I don't love the boots! I talked about them in a previous post, but these platform stiletto OTK boots are one of my favorites - they just don't lend themselves to everyday wear. I've only worn them out once so far, for my birthday last November, but I'm definitely going to have to bring them back out for another event soon!
Anonymous said...

Wow, I've just come across the picture of your legs with you wearing grey tights and black boots and I've gotta say, damn sexy!!

Steve Essex UK

Anonymous said...

Love the boots and nylons so fine,steve is right hot hot hot:-P

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