Re/Dress Part 2 - the keepers :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ahh the joy of taking home something you love. I have to admit to loving the shopping experience. While it's hard to try things on and end up disappointed, finding that one great piece - for me - makes it all worthwhile.

I have to admit though that Re/Dress might ultimately not be the perfect store me. They had a lot of great vintage pieces but I'm just not enough of a vintage girl. And then there's a few sizing concerns; I often fall just on that line between 'normal' and 'plus' size clothes and Re/Dress has significantly more options for women larger than me. I think just like anywhere else I shop it's going to be a lot of trial and error to find pieces that I want to keep. 

My motto is that if I don't love something, really really love it, then I don't need to be buying it. I'll take tailoring into consideration, but whatever clothing I'm considering has to speak to me on some level. Which sounds a lot harder than it actually is, because I'm such a weird mix of level headed but impulse shopper. Sometimes I will see something and even if I can't explain it I know I have to have it. I will think about it, consider it, rationalize it's place in my life, but usually if it hits me like that there's very little going back (this is pretty much exactly what happens when I get a new purse).

So I hope you understand the things I did decide to get at Re/Dress, even if you don't love them like I do ;)

1. Leopard Print Skirt

Verdict: Keeper! For some reason the idea of a leopard print skirt has been an obsession of mine for months. When I do my ASOS Curve review you'll see one I rejected, but I can't even tell you why I wanted one. I don't where I saw the inspiration but I think this skirt will do for me very nicely. It' not a pencil skirt but I think in hindsight that's probably a better idea as it makes it more wearable in work and life and less a 'hot to trot' piece of clothing. It's a Jones New York skirt and while you can't probably can't tell from my shoeless state in this pic but I think the right above the knee placement is really flattering and it fits well on the waistline for when I want to tuck things in.

2. Floral Halter Dress

Verdict: Mine! Excuse the bra and the slightly from below angle - I don't think they really do the dress justice. It's actually very cute and I can't wait to wear it out this Spring/Summer! The first thing that grabbed me about this dress, once you move past the print, is the fit of the dress. The empire waist seam hits exactly under my bust, right where it should, and then rest of the dress just flows along the length of my body. It's the perfect combo to compliment my hour-glass figure and helps make a dress that will be wonderful dressed up with wedges or dressed down in flats. Also the way the halter is fitted on this dress makes it very appropriate for day; it comes up on the bust high enough that it's not scandalous and for my office, if I add a little cardigan over it, could even be work appropriate.

3. Pewter CK Dress

Verdict: I'm just waiting for an event to wear this to! Again excuse the peaks of bra here and there, but I love this Calvin Klein dress. The tank top sleeves make it perfect to wear a bra underneath, the empire waist and ruched top half make it flattering to the bust, and the slimming silhouette from there downward make it perfect for almost any evening event. If the sorority party tomorrow didn't have an all black dress code you know I'd be sporting this one!

Well I hate to say it but that's it folks. I only ended up buying 3 things at Re/Dress but as they're things I really like I'm not sad. Quality over quantity I always say.

Hope you enjoyed the post though, and I can't wait to show you how some of these up end in my outfit rotation later on!

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