Thoughts on my YSL Mascara

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well I was going to do some kind of long post about my YSL Effet Faux Cils mascara, full of those type of comparison pictures that I get sick enjoyment out of examining, but unfortunately that's not going to happen. I might be hanging on to the tube out of denial, but the truth is my YSL is probably 90% dried up. DRIED UP.

I can't even say I used it up because I have no idea - when I pull the spoolie out of the tube it's just a clumpy mess. Sometimes I can coax some product out but again, that could be wishful thinking.

What I think I've learned from this experience is that even $30 won't buy you the perfect mascara. It was nice - don't get me wrong. By the time I purchased the Clinique high impact I had to face the harsh reality that I could tell a difference in how my lashes looked. I could in the end only be grateful for the fact that while there was a difference, it was a difference I could live with. When I do eye makeup on myself, especially these days, I used a few coats of 1 or 2 different mascaras. The combination of products usually ends up giving me the type of high volume length that I desire - but since I don't pay any attention to curl, please keep that in mind.

I probably won't buy this again. It was a nice luxury to treat myself to because of Sephora's Friends and Family Sale but I'm not going to end up like Jlovesmac on YouTube, who was apparently buying a new one of these every two weeks. HELL NO.

I leave you with a couple picks from older posts, so that if you really care you too can look with OCD eyes and see the difference between YSL and my usual Rimmel Mascara combo.

 **Ok now that I've put these pictures up - from different posts mind you - it looks WAY weird, but I'm just gonna leave cause it's also kind of hilarious**

The picture on the left my lashes were done using my Rimmel combo (Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender & Max Volume Flash) and the one on the right is the YSL. Have fun being me for a minute or two!

Big love and hopes for great lashes! Later!

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