e.l.f brush sale: My Picks

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now e.l.f. does this pretty often - the 50% off sale thing - but I wanted to point it out again in the face of a big makeup truth: a lot of the time the makeup you do is only as good as the brushes you use.

I don't say this to mean you have to buy expensive brushes. What I recommend is that you pick some up that work for you. That allow you to do the blending, patting, and swirling that most people need to create that perfect look. e.l.f. is one of my favorites because their brushes can be cheap as hell but work really really well. 

I bought backups of a lot of my favorites during the 55% off everything Christmas sale, but if you're in the market here are my picks:

I actually like this cheaper version better than the Studio offering. It's compact enough to pick up a lot of color but also has enough give that blending is a breeze.

Perfect for combing out my sometimes unruly brows - and it's a $1!

I love this brush. I've bought back ups upon backups and recommended it to everyone. It's perfect anything but I love using it to apply liquid foundation. Hands down this swirls and buffs everything into my skin the best.

This is another of my absolute favorites and I use it for everything powder - setting, bronzer, and brush. It does it all.

This is great for applying cream eyeshadow, either just themselves or as bases to powder shadow. 

It's a little thick for all my liner purposes, but it's a great multitasker to switch between liner and brows. 

For patting on dry eyeshadow I still prefer the Loew Cornel 3/4 of an inch. I bought mine at AC Moore, I think, for $3 and some change. 

Brushes are 50% off with the code RTB until Jan 17, 2011!

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