There are very few 'right' ways - especially in fashion

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I actually saw this first talked about on a petite blog, but I wanted to at least bring attention to the Huffington Post article: WTForever 21: Plus-Problems.

I can't disagree so much with the core this article is coming from, that some things are just hideous for anyone (though there is an implied 'especially plus sized women), but I do want to bring up the fact that sometimes it can really depend on the person. Over the past few months as I've delved deeper into the fat blogosphere, I've seen some incredible examples of how you just can never know. Peg leg pants, jeggings, flowered bloomers, cage dresses. sequins - the list could go on forever! Jay from Fatshionable and Gabi from  Young, Fat, and Fabulous - to name just two! - wear and rock things I could never even comprehend on my own body.

So yes, Forever 21 can go wrong with their fashion. Waaay wrong sometimes. But I'd say before denouncing clothing as just not doable on a plus size frame, see what's out there. Try it on, add a belt - chop some of it off! 

Fashion is a very personal thing and when people keep their proportions in mind so much is possible. I might just be inching my toes in the waters of new or 'fashion forward' but I applaud the men and women who rock what they have using pieces that others might see as garbage.

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