New Years Eve in DC Part I

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm sad to say that it's time to get back to the real world. Alarm clocks, work - commuting to work - it's all back in full force.


Really the only thing I have left to remind myself that I ever did something fun and fabulous for New Years Eve are these pictures!!! Woohoo!! Thank goodness I'm a bit of a camera whore.  (Suzanne and Tanya if you want me to blur your faces I will, but I think we look fabulous ;D )

Before the event itself I made my friend stop for a glamor shot:

*Earrings are from NY & Co - but forever ago. As in I don't even remember how long I've had them
**I did my friend's makeup here, so look for a post exclusively focused on that to come up soon!

Next we have my full outfit. I love this dress. I think it accentuates all the right places and with the help of my favorite Target-brand imitation Spanx I don't think I even have to worry all that much about front butt either.

*Dress is from - it's the Jessica Wiggle Dress in Burgundy
**The shoes aren't very visible but they're Jessica Simpson platform peep toes that I bought at Marshall's on clearance

The party I attended was at the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Ave. It was, as my friend Tanya put it, like 'partying in a mall'!

There wasn't a big ball drop or anything for midnight but we did get some countdown action on the projector screen you see below. It allowed us all to time our New Years toast perfectly - which is really all I needed. I wish the picture below wasn't so blurry but I was up on the second level and with flash it all turned out dark and even shittier looking (if you can believe me).

I know that's not a whole lot to look at but I hope you enjoyed the latest edition of Dana's adventures in the city! Look for a couple posts to come up focused on the makeup from that evening - they should be good ones!

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