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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let me start off my saying that I haven't been trying to be a complete bum with this post. With my camera down I couldn't just do my normal review with pics - which seemed sad to say the least. So then I had to decide to make a video - which create a whole host of other issues. The most annoying? I'm having a hell of a time trying to use Blogger to upload it on this post. I didn't really wanna go the YouTube route because the beauty vlogging community can be brutal and I just wanted to get up a quick in-person show of the HD Dual Foundation in action since my camera is kaput (mostly). 


I think I'm just going to give it and upload it there so I can least embed it in this post at the end, but I haven't decided. I guess you'll know when this post finally goes up huh, as it'll show there either way.

The only positive thing about having to wait this long to review it is that I've had the opportunity to really put the foundation to test. Good skin days, bad ones, dry skin or oily - while it's not summer for the most part I think I've put it through its paces and I've got mostly nothing but positive things to say, especially about the experience I had when I bought it.

The Eve Peal Experience 

Going into the Eve Pearl's New York store was fantastic! It's just like you see on YouTube (there were some internal squealing moments), bright and filled with rows of Eve Pearl products. The only thing I don't think you can tell is how vast the display/test area in the back is. The mirror takes up the entire width of the store and allows for a seat for you and your guest or whoever's waiting their turn. (Look! It's me with an Emmy! It might not be mine but who cares!)

I went in a Sunday afternoon a couple hours before closing and met with Karla, the artist on staff. She was so nice and very open to not only showing me how the foundation worked with no appointment, but letting me ask any dumb questions I had along the way. Plus - one of the best bits - is that she took pictures. Before, during, after, she sent me home not only with a face chart but a detailed look of where the product should be placed and how it looked afterward. It's something I've never seen done anywhere else and it speaks I think to Eve Pearl's commitment to her customers; people are not sent home with a bag of stuff they'll never figure out how to use on their own. 

But yes to continue, Karla did a great job applying the HD Dual Foundation I was interested in, explaining the use and technique with the sponge, and then going further. I got my full face done Eve Pearl style including her signature cat eye. That part was probably even more interesting to my makeup soul because of where she placed the product on my eye; she brought the cat eye up and around my crease which not what I was expecting at all but was very beautiful. I walked out not only with a foundation that I'm currently enjoying very much, but also a free lipgloss duo - minty and refreshing it was a very pleasant surprise. Thanks Karla!




Face/Product Chart

The Foundation

I think I found a perfect Winter foundation for me in Eve Pearl's HD Dual Foundation. Not only does it feel light weight (almost non-existent) on my skin, it gives me a more natural, dewier finish which is perfect for the season. Most of the time, because my skin is so oily, I prefer a very matte finish. I try to do everything possible to make sure that my makeup doesn't slide off and that I don't look like a disco ball by the end the day. The issue I'm experiencing right now is that some parts of my face are getting a little dry and I don't know if the flat matte look is as flattering. This gives me the chance to not only start with a powdered down satin finish at the start of my day, it wears really well and I end up with a dewey like look at the end of the day. Even if I never touch my face again except to give it a blot or two. 

I think that's the power of the product. It's very soothing and non-irritating to my face and ultimately I consider it, even with it's $54 price tag, a very worthwhile purchase. I feel like all of us makeup geeks out there are looking for their HG product, probably especially when it comes to foundation, and while this isn't perfect, for winter it's pretty darn close. I think between this and my NARS Sheer Matte (which I'll bring back in the summer) I'll be good for awhile. 

Highly recommended and I really hope that you stop by the NY store before you buy, just because the experience was unforgettable! (Thanks again Karla!!)

(Muahahaha my video is unlisted - yes!)

What I applied prior to filming:
Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel/Cream
Clearprep FX Matte Foundation Primer and Anti-Acne Treatment

Eve Pearl HD Dual Foundation in Tan
MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC42
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark

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