Filene's Basement rocks my socks

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another forgotten OOTD! Before work I ended up wearing this dress with some nude platforms to a friend's b-day party and I have to admit I like it better that way. The wedges are just too stark and severe against my skin, especially when paired with this light flowy dress. But you live and learn right?

Dress: STUDIO I (Filene's) ~ Shoes: Ralph Lauren (DSW)

Either way this dress is one of my favorite new purchases. There's just something so Eater Sunday about it! When I wear it I almost wish I was in church with a hat and a fan to keep myself from getting the 'vapors'.
Lyndsey said...

That dress is so flattering. It looks like something Kate Middleton would wear.

Dana said...

Thanks! I definitely see it being a summer staple.

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