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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dress: NY&Co (really old) ~ Jacket: Forever21+ ~ Belt: Forever21 ~ Necklace: Forever21 ~ Shoes: Old Navy

Time to debut one of my new favorite pieces of clothing - a jean jacket from Forever21+! I'm not going to lie, it's a little boxy, but as piece to throw on top of outfits to make them more casual, I love it. I tend to fold the sleeves up to make it a little more interesting, but I think it has just enough distressing and is light enough in color to be a great addition to almost anything.

But wait - I'm not done yet! I haven't written one in a couple weeks so here's a bonus edition of Awkward and Awesome (ala the lovely Sydney from The Daybook)

-Chatting with someone on OKC and them mentioning how they used to push drugs o_O (this is not ok, just in case anyone needed the reminder)
-Have naked people trying on sheer garments in What Goes Around Comes Around
-H&m sizing! It's so aggravating to try on a size 14 that does fit around the ribs. What exactly am I supposed to do about my ribs H&M? Take one out? I hate you.
-Making what you know is the right decision about your life, but feeling crappy cause it makes you feel like  coward/failure anyway.
-I know I've said this before but it is HOT here and I don't appreciate it. Not one bit.
-Rude people on the phone. Is your attitude really necessary? I think not.
-Calling Marriott to find out the reservation I made 10 months ago doesn't exist and then spending the next hour crying and pleading to get a room - to be told that it's going to be $100 more a NIGHT. I'm not taking that one though; arguing and appealing has already commenced. 

-Food trucks
-Streetside music performances
-Asian pens & pencils
-Friends - they really rock! Especially when they make you feel so much less weird than you think you are.
-Lean Cusine's that magically end up tasting like a non-spicey version of Thai Curry
-New books! Even when I have too many I can't complain because I'm just happy to have them.
-Sea of Shoes. I know I'm late to this but I still think her style is completely ridiculous. Why couldn't I have looked like this in highschool? Especially the hair?
-Cowboys and Aliens. I haven't seen it yet but I know it's going to make me proud and deserve a spot on this list.
-THE BEACH! And staycations. They're both pretty freaking fantastic. I wish I could make both happen for me again right now.
-Costumes for Dragon*Con are slowly inching their way back onto the awesome list. I still have a few pieces I'm looking for, but with harem pants and a tentative idea of how I'm going to do the body pieces I don't feel too unprepared. Now if only I could find a lavender long-sleeved shirt!

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