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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Apparently when I mentally prepared myself not to add to my wardrobe without good reason it didn't extend to shoes. Over the last few weeks I've stalked and happened upon a few pairs that were unique and awesome enough that I just had to have them. Case 1:

I saw these for the first time at Filene's Basement (RIP) but the 8.5 pair they had was just a bit tight and let's be real - I'm going to wear socks with these so tight was not going to cut it. The other issue I had was the price because I didn't want to pay $60 for these :-/. I waited and stalked them on DSW, in fact it was one of the tabs automatically opened on Firefox, until the magically day came and they went on sale! Score! This coincided with a fantastic $10 off coupon and an online code for free shipping.

I got them in the mail yesterday and already love them. I can't wait to show them off in a future OOTD.

Case 2:

Lela Rose for Payless Tassel Shootie

This were a happened upon find. The Payless in Columbia Heights is going out of business and these just happened to catch my eye. They're surprisingly comfortable (though obviously I'm not going to make the mistake of walking marathons in them) and are very cute. I'm not sure how much I love them on myself barelegged, but with black or grey sweater tights? Done!

Case 3:

picture via

This I owe completely to the numerous fashion blogs I follow. Jean from Extra Petite tweeted and in fact did a whole blog post about these shoes, because they were $18 with free shipping (to a local store). Amazing ya'll, though I couldn't decide which colors I wanted so for now I'm waiting on both. They haven't come in yet but I'll make sure to keep you updated!
Why Girls Are Weird said...

Those are some sexy shoes!

Dana said...

I have to admit I love them! The first 2 pairs are actually a little more comfortable than expected, though I probably won't be trekking around DC in either.

But now I'm a little sad because Payless sent me an email saying the black pair isn't available! Darn it!

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