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Friday, December 9, 2011

Did I need Stila's In the Light Palette? Absolutely not. But after swatching it in Sephora did I want it with all my little heart? Absolutely yes. And it fulfilled all my hopes and dreams because it is awesome and pigmented and I get to do cool looks like this that transition so well from day to evening (for me anyway).

*Sorry for the lack of makeup posts. I've bought new makeup that I in no way needed, but for a while there I wasn't doing anything new. Also my eyebrows are more than a bit jacked at the moment, so pictures were a big great big HELL no.

**As that implies I'm going to get my eyebrows done today and have been playing around with all that new makeup and I hope to have some different looks up soon!
Anonymous said...

very prettty dana!!

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