Fitting Room Reviews: Old Navy & JC Penny

Monday, March 12, 2012

Blurry dressing room pictures ahead!

Old Navy:
I loved the neon yellow and purple flowers but the fit of this dress just wasn't as nice as I'd hope. I think if you were a bit taller and less busty this would be a beautiful spring/summer dress.
Decision: Pass

Women's Sleeveless-Twill Trench Vest (Size L, $34.94 (~$20 in-store))
Hmmm I'm so iffy on this piece. I love the F21 version on i am khatu but I feel like this one is lighter in color and thicker in fabric which results in a boxier fit.
Decision: Purchased to try on further at home. The in-store price was too cheap to pass up. 

Women's Linen-Blend Blazer (Size L, $39.94 (~$29 in-store))
I've tried this blazer on before and have to say I still love it. It might be too warm to wear in the summer but I love the color for spring. I wish the sleeves were shorter and a little slimmer, and that the entire blazer hit higher, but as a relaxed 'throw on top of anything' piece I think this will work.
Decision: Purchased to try on further at home.

JC Penny:

There were a couple things that irked me about these skirts: the fabric and the length. It's a cotton/nylon/spandex blend and even though I usually don't notice these things, feels like it doesn't breathe at all. I also wish they were a bit shorter in length but don't think they're of the kind of quality I'd have hemmed.
Decision: Pass. I do love the colors so we'll see if I can find comparable items from another brand. 

I thought this was going to be a cute summer dress but it was terribly dowdy  and would require more gymnastic skills than I have to zip up all the way.
Decision: Pass

Liz Claiborne Belted Shirt Dress (Size 14, $40)
Another one that turned out to be dowdy. Shrug. Nice in theory though.
Decision: Pass

Even with everything I tried on I only purchased a couple things so I consider this trip pretty decent in the budgeting department. The closet clearing exercise is not going nearly as well sadly, with me being torn between having too much yet still liking what I have.

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