Geek of the Week #6

Friday, March 23, 2012

-Going the way of geek and nerd, reading is also becoming cool again (though anyone who watched Reading Rainbow knows reading was ALWAYS cool).

-unfuckyourhabitat. I had no idea how many people also found it hard just to exist in an organized space. I'm kind of in love with this tumblr and it even got me to make my bed - at 10 o'clock at night.

-Jen over at Epbot not only painted the cutest cherry blossom themed nursery ever, she even made an adorable butterfly mobile to go with it! I love them both with all my little heart, in that 'God I'd love this for myself but I have no tools and really no artistic ability to make it happen' kind of way.

via Epbot

-People laugh when I talk about getting married in a 'when hell freezes over' kind of way, but hey, if hell froze over and I got married THIS is the kind of engagement shoot I'd want.

all images via Heather Kincaid
-In a random turn of events I've already preordered one and am looking at another non-fiction book to add to my TBR pile. The Bloggess's Let's Pretend This Never Happened shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone (plus I signed up for a free bookplate. WOOHOO!) but I just found out that one of the fat activist bloggers I follow (Lesley Kinzel) is coming out with a book entitled Two Whole Cakes. For $10 on Amazon I'm finding it pretty hard to resist....

 -No I have not seen The Hunger Games movie yet. In fact, I can honestly say that as of this moment I have NO plans to see The Hunger Games at all. So there. Internet hype resisted.

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