Awkward and Awesome Thursday! (4/26)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

-'How do I work Internet Explorer?' This is the question I got yesterday. What the what? You mean how do you open the internet browser ON YOUR COMPUTER?
-Writing memos to try and make grown men and women not steal food from the fridge.
-Waffling between kind of wanting to excerise out of some misplaced desire to be 'healthy' (I'm not really all that unhealthy to begin with) and resting in the loving embrace of my couch.
-**TMI ALERT!** Feeling an almost constant need to blow/pick your nose due to allergies. I'm now that weird girl with spiffy tissues, eye drops, AND saline spray. FML.

-Costume pieces for Dragon*Con! Little by little I can now say it's starting to come together and I'm so happy about it
-Hanging out with friends. On my own terms and when I want to. (I know this doesn't sound awesome but this is a big thing for me)
-Wine & Cheese
-Cleaning out the closet - finally. This has been on the list to do for a while but I've been hitting a wall when it comes to letting go of pieces I like but don't fit the style I want to wear now. I finally made some strides earlier this week - up next comes organizing!
-That I'm wearing a black & white striped shirt with a leopard print pencil skirt

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