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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I blame my friend Lian, I really do (love you Lian!). Somehow she's managed to turn me into a lurker. Someone who drifts from blog to blog without actually committing enough to Follow them. Which makes NO SENSE especially when you consider how instead I just sit there hitting refresh constantly, waiting for something new.

Crazy right? I can't even pretend to give you an explanation.

Still, since so much of my time online is spent admiring and loving the words and pictures from these people, I figured a post (or two) highlighting them wouldn't hurt. (There are eight of them so make sure to click expand for the rest!)

The older I get the more I love learning more about how to present myself in new ways. I can't say that my style could truly be considered 'modest' but I love Elaine's voice and her eye for layering.

2. little chief honeybee
I'm not entirely sure why I like LCH so much (her style is not so much my style), but I think it's a combination of respect for her work and appreciation of her vision.

Amelia is possibly the most bad ass chick ever created - with the best hair. If I could make my way to Oregon I'd have her dye my hair in a hot second. Plus she is just so amazingly nonchalant about being a big girl in a bikini - or crop top, or mini skirt, or lingerie, or any other damn thing she wants to wear.

4. girlsack
Not to be 'trendy' or anything but I LOVE THIS BLOG. I've gotten preppy in my old age (hah!) and her outfits call to me. I can't wait for Fall and Winter when I can really use her tips to up my game.

5. SewPetiteGAL
I'm not a DIY-er but if I ever end up buying a sewing machine I know her posts will help me a lot. Plus she just seems like a really nice person.

6. Feather Factor
I'm not sure my 'quality or quantity' stance will ever lead me to purchasing a designer bag like in my dreams, but I love Katherine's interesting interviews (she even did one with author Patrick Rothfuss!) and fantastic vacation posts.

7. Weesha's World
Her personal style is a little too rocker for me personally but I connect with her inspirational words and encouragement to other women of size.

8. Oi ihana turhamaisuus!
I have no idea what this blog says. She's from Finland and I'm too lazy to have Google translate it all the damn time. Her pictures and vintage style are amazing even outside of context, so I pretty much recommend her to everyone.

Look for PART II soon!

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