Geek of the Week #9

Friday, July 13, 2012

1. As someone who now lives in a studio and doesn't have enough wall space for the art she already owns, I shouldn't covet these super heroes in sweaters post cards as much as I do.

Etsy Shop

2. I remember Madeline and the cartoon based on the books - I may even admit to watching them even now when I see the episodes are on TV. Thus my love for this Madeline/Harry Potter crossover should be surprising to no one.
Maryline and a Wizard School in Scotland

3. The one acceptable parody of that Gotye song that the world has made me hate because they WON'T STOP PLAYING IT.

4. Wow. Geek Paradise. I'm sure if I tried hard enough (hah!) I could make my house kinda sorta look like this. But who has they time when they're so busy doing nothing?

5. Book lovers delight right here - who's feeling crafty? You know you wanna make me these!

25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves

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