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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let me start with a warning ok? There's no guarantees, buying makeup for friends. Often they've got their eye on something special anyway so while I like/love all of the products I'm recommending, never underestimate a giftcard. Some would say that it shows lack of 'imagination' but what could be more loving then helping your friend buy what they've always wanted?!


 * LORAC Unzipped Palette, $40
I *love* LORAC eyeshadows. They're also incredibly pigmented, smooth, and easy to apply. I like this palette for the neutral colors and the great combination of mattes and shimmers. 

* Stila In the Light Palette, #39
I'm super impressed with the quality of Stila eyeshadows and this palette is a total keeper. Great for making a variety of looks (it even comes with a little instructional booklet!) it even comes with a wonderful, long-lasting, easily smugeable eye liner.


* Laura Mercia Mini Lip Glacé Collection, $38
I admit this is a bit of wild card because I'm going off online recommendations here. But seriously, I've yet to hear anything bad about this brand and a set of  4 glosses at this price is a good deal. 

* Sephora Cream Lip Stain, $12
When I want a lip product 9 times out of 10 I really want it to POP and these deliver the goods. They stay put while only being slightly drying and come in a great selection of colors.


* NARS Foreplay Palette, $49
NARS is a staple for a reason, and this palette of 4 (blushes and highlighters) should work on any skin tone to create a beautiful, flawless face.

* tarte Smooth Operator, $28
As an oily skinned gal I am all about the powder and this is possibly the best one I've tried ever. It leaves my skin matte but not *too* matte and with a smooth surface that I can tell blush applies better on top of. A little goes a long way (as evidenced by the fact I'm still working with a Sephora VIB sample) so this big size should last forever!


* Illamasqua Mystery Box, $60 
(I can't find the link online but you should still be able to get this at Sephora)
I would caution this was as for the true makeup lovers only. Illamasqua specializes in the unusual sometimes and buying a mystery box, where you only know 2 of the colors, is a gamble. I chatted with my local Sephora representative about it though and he had me on that edge - if you know someone who likes to experiment, go for it!

* EyesLipsFace Studio Collection 11 piece brush set, $30
(This sight always has coupons - DON'T PAY $30 FOR THIS!!)
The Studio line from Elf has some of my favorite synthetic brushes. They're super cheap and that flat top powder? Perfect for liquid and powder foundations. The flat eye brushes are great for cream eye products and even for applying lipstick/gloss.


If you're looking for a recommendation in another category let me know - or if you want something at a higher price point. I like makeup & skin stuff and I'm happy to help!

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