Geek of the Week: Holiday Edition!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Here are some of the sights, sounds, and shoppably wonderful things that have made me happy this Christmas. And in a time that has had some pretty craptastic things happen we all need a little extra to be happy about.

1) Holiday cards! Now if only they weren't so darn expensive ...

2) Someone really went there - a Dr. Who Ugly Christmas Sweater. If anyone out there was concerned about what to get me, I would not tell you no.

3) Ok I didn't think it was possible to really be THAT AWESOME but my love for Mariah Carey never dies. Combined with the adorable (so adorable!) children singing backup and all the instruments being toys and there was just no way I could resist this.

4) Not specifically holiday related (unless you count the 'why doesn't someone love me enough to buy me one?') these are just too awesome not feature. As sacred as I consider books these are off the chain: book page sculptures. AMAZING.

5) OMG Check out Epbot's house! I will never - ever - be as prepared or as DIY committed to decorate like this but I love every bit of it.

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