Geek of the Week #16

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday friends! I've decided to switch things up a little with 'Geek of the Week' so at the bottom you'll find links to some of the more random/fashion-y things that have caught my eye lately. I'm not sure they'll always be there but in case you're like me and have a case of Spring Fever have fun looking around!

1) If it's wrong of me to want this sushi pillow then I don't want to be right.

2) Taco makeup pouch! Are you sensing a theme here? Fluffy, squishy, completely useless cute things are my fave.

3) Anne Bishop (Dark Jewel Trilogy) has released a new book! I've just picked it up, haven't even started it, but I'm sure it's going to be awesome. Like your books fantasy filled, a little dark, with incredible characters? Then this should be on your TBR list!

4) I did a full 'laugh awkwardly loud in the middle of work' laugh at this shirt and even looking at it now I love it. Will I buy it? I'm undecided, mostly because I just don't wear t-shirts that often.

And finally, in unrelated news and in no particular order....Little Chief Honeybee is hosting a $150 LuLu's giveaway (their clothes look pretty small but the shoes & jewelry are awesome!) // ASOS is so bad for me. I want this dress and this dress because both look like something Wendy would wear // I've been trying Retin-A Micro to get rid of some bumps & clear up a little hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and it has been tearing my skin UP. In the comments of an XOJane article someone mentioned these little pads as a great dupe for a $65 version from Sephora and I'm thinking of giving them a go because I'm super sad // These heels from Nordstrom are amazing and I want them // Ditto for these from Zappos (but in the rose patent color) // Oh and one cute bag from a store I've never heard of before - Call It Spring - I love the colors! // Sorry - I had to add another dress! I just want all the dresses ok?! I deserve them. Somehow. I promise ;)

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