the best insults

Friday, March 15, 2013

I can't even say it was an insult when my coworker called this outfit my 'Ms. Frizzle' look. What child of the 80's would have a problem looking like Ms. Frizzle?! The Magic School Bus books and tv show were absolute favorites of mine and I'm sure helped kindle my love for the sciences. Plus I just used it as an excuse to buy the brooch I'd been eying on Etsy (close-up below).

Cardigan: LOFT ~ Turtleneck & Tights: J.Crew ~ Skirt: H&M ~ Belt: HK ~ Brooch: Etsy ~ Booties: Dolce Vita via Nordstrom Rack

Book Collage Brooch, Pins with Personality, $20

Has there ever been a piece of jewelry more me? Probably not so thank goodness Etsy is around to help me showcase my weirdness to the world. It makes introducing myself so much easier!

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