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Monday, April 15, 2013

Before it got monstrously hot in DC (I'm looking at you 91*!) I got to wear one of my newer purchases, the Delft Assured skirt from ModCloth!

Top: The Limited ~ Skirt: ModCloth ~ Belt: Hong Kong ~ Shoes: BP via Nordstrom Rack

ModCloth Delft Assured Skirt, $59.99

Pros: Love the full skirt, the pattern is beautiful, and the pleats sit in a flattering way around the waist
Cons: Expensive, unlined, runs small

My initial thoughts on this skirt went something like this: "Oooh pretty! Wait - why isn't it lined?" I know lining isn't essential (though it would probably help with the skirt's tendency to fly up) but for $60 I definitely expected think it would be helpful. I wear a spanx-like garment underneath so even in full sun I'm not concerned about it being see-through but for others I'd probably recommend a nude panty just to be sure.

I also feel like it runs small. I read the reviews and knew that with my 33" waist I was probably pushing it but damn an XL shouldn't be this tight! I could never wear this skirt on a bloated day - especially since it doesn't have a hook closure at the top of the zipper (I may add one later).

So do I consider this skirt a good buy? With my $15 coupon yes, but at full price probably not. It's a nice skirt for life and work but the lack of lining, the fact that it runs small in a fabric with no stretch, and that there's no hook closure for the zipper leads me to believe my money could be be spent elsewhere for a similar silhouette that's better made. B-

Tea Gal said...

ModCloth! Woot!
I still have my credit to use and I can't wait for the day that I have a job and can afford it. :D

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