celebrating five years

Monday, April 29, 2013

A few weekends ago I got to celebrate being super old. Well I guess 5 years is a milestone, but Duke your weekend just reminded me that next year it will have been 10 YEARS since I graduated highschool. WTF.

Still any excuse to dress up, dance, and drink too much works for me so I decided to have a grand ol' time at Saturday's gala! I combined my J.crew dress with my Banana Republic skirt and except for looking back and maybe wanting to add a belt I'd say the outfit was a success. I'm learning as I go folks, to always look at pieces with new eyes and combine them in new ways - I'm determined to recognize my closet for the treasure trove it is dammit!

Dress (worn as top): J.Crew ~ Skirt: Banana Republic ~ Shoes: Eva Zoe via Off Broadway

Oh, did I hear you say you wanted a pic of the event itself?

OY. Me and wine can sometimes be a questionable combination, lol.

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