Geek of the Week #19

Friday, November 8, 2013

1. Litographs. What is a litograph you ask? "Litographs create art from the books you've read and loved" and this website has a huge and fantastic selection of items to wear, carry, or put up in your house.

 The Secret Garden shirt, $34

2. Dr. Who leggings. Because these exist and everyone needs a pair to NOT WEAR LIKE PANTS.

 Geeky U, $64.82

3. Tardis Footie Pajamas. Yes they exist and yes you need to have them.

 Think Geek, $39

4. A Conversation With Myself About Buying a Dress. A friend sent this article to me and it is a freakishly accurate depiction of how I walk into Macy's wanting nothing and come out with everything.

Sorry that Geek of the Week is a little shorter than usual today but I really enjoyed the stuff that made it on here! I do have one burning question though: has anyone seen Ender's Game? Or planning to see Thor 2 this weekend? Tell me your movie viewing thoughts and desires!

Erin Elizabeth said...

I just saw Ender's Game this week and I loved it. I read the book several years ago, and even though I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, I enjoyed the cast and the CG. If you are familiar with the plot (and liked it, of course) you should definitely go see it. I've read some mixed reviews, but overall I thought it was worth seeing it.

Dana said...

@Erin - Good to know! I've the read the book a few times and the rest of the series once so right now I'm on the fence. The reviews are mixed and I'm just not sure!

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