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Friday, November 22, 2013

99% of the time H&M clothing won't have room for all my ribs, but somehow that extra 1% always manages to include pieces that turn into wardrobe staples. And I know what you're saying, how is a hot pink blazer a wardrobe staple, but I've worn this with a variety of outfits and loved it every time.

Blazer: H&M (also worn here and  here) ~ Top: Lucky Brand (Marshall's) ~ Skirt: Leith (Nordstrom) ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Watch: Michael Kors

Unknown said...

I love this look! Pink, leather and chambray together - it's soooo fun and trendy but something you could totally wear to work. Can't get enough of it.
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

Madam Too Much said...

You look Great here and you wear Pink so very well. So carry on. . .

Dana said...

@Lindsey - Thanks! Especially as it was something I wore to work, lol!

@My Kurves - Thank you!

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