still green and mustard

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When I saw that this week's "What to Wear" theme was everyone's favorite cardigan I knew that there was really only one piece I could pick. I have plenty of cardigans, I'm a layering girl at heart you see, and those things are my bread and butter. But it's my latest sweater acquisition, the mustard cardigan from Anthrolopologie, that's wormed itself to the top of the pile.

I love the mustard color, it's proven to be incredibly versatile for a variety of work and life pairings, and here's just one casual way to wear it. Though looking back at these pictures I see I've somehow managed to still be wearing green and mustard...

Eh, whatever. Life's short and sometimes tried and true are what you go with :). Don't forget to check out Gypsy in Jasper tomorrow for the other awesome looks!

Jacket: American Eagle ~Top: J.Crew ~ Sweater: Anthropologie (also worn here) ~ Jeans: Levi's ~ Boots: Bandolino ~ Bag: H&M

Anonymous said...

I adore mustard. I only have a couple of items, but they are always making their way out of my closet.

Green and mustard look amazing together! Go with it.

lisa said...

Love this sweater- I can see why it's your fave! I totally feel like mustard is practically a neutral :)

Dana said...

@Gypsy - I only have a couple items too! I'm keeping my eye out in the future though - obviously it's a color I'd wear more often if I could! LOL!

@Lisa - Agreed, in my wardrobe mustard is totally going to start acting as a neutral.

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