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Saturday, March 15, 2014

What's that saying again? That I'm "all up in my feelings"? I think that's it anyway and right now it's the perfect descriptor for how I feel. Guys, SAILOR MOON IS COMING BACK.

Did you hear me? SAILOR MOON IS COMING BACK TO TELEVISION (or at least to some other screening medium near you) SOON. There may or may not have been some squealing of joy going on at work when I found this out, because this is my childhood  brought back to life. I loved this show. I remember coming home after school and catching the end of Bananas in Pajamas before it came on (or waking up extra early Saturday morning to watch it again). Even dubbed, the story and soundtrack caught my attention and both still stick with me today.

(Why yes, I DO own all three movies (subtitled) on VHS.)

Let us all rejoice, friends, in the knowledge that for a multitude of reasons, this July is going to be AWESOME.

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