Geek of the Week #24

Monday, February 9, 2015

// "This is a jar full of major characters" - one of the best articles I've read about the importance of including characters of color in a variety of cultural mediums.

// I might have a slight obsession with  looking at recipes I'm never going to make in real life, but I like to think that things like Apple Dumpling Monkey Bread are inspirational and aspirational.

// "Valentino's Pre-Fall Collection: My God It's Full of Stars" - WANT. (And if you need more specifics, I would probably wear the hell out of 90% of this.)

// I don't know how I'd make the excuse that I need another geeky figuring of any kind, but these original Power Ranger mini figs are so cute!

//OMG Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync battles are so great and even though I'm not the biggest fan of Kevin Hart this "Superbowl Edition" is AMAZING.

Fun Posts: I feel validated that something I already considered is A Beautiful Mess approved. // I'm trying to think of new ways to add plants into my apartment and this is super cute! //  There are only 3 episodes of this anime up so far and it is already batshit crazy. Make of that what you will.  // Definitely yes to a variety of party punches. // Also have to give it up for caramel apple cheesecake. Never made it, but now I really want to.  // I have so many feels about this pastel hair post. Mostly that I wish I liked the way fun colors looked on naturally curly hair >.< //

Clothing: I picked up a couple of suits from GabiFresh's latest Swimsuits For All line and I can't wait to get them! // Used a 40% off code and 2 rewards coupons to pick up this shirt and while it runs small the print makes it all worthwhile

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