Geek of the Week #25

Monday, February 23, 2015

//I may have to save up for this, once I finally figure out what I want my living space to look like.

//I love how my coworkers share the yummiest sounding recipes with me & this one even appears to be easy to make!

//I made these fish tacos recently and even though I made some tweaks it was a super tasty meal. My only recommendation (& what I wished I had done) was up the jalepeno amount. I really didn't taste it much in the cream sauce.

//I don't think anyone is actually surprised by the depths of my weirdness anymore so let's all just marvel at this Sailor Moon cosplay performance, shall we?

//I'm so thankful to live in a world where there is Backstreet Boys themed makeup, lol.

More Cool Stuff: Womb Power! // I'm thinking about playing with these when the weather warms up. // If only I lived a life where this would pass muster. // The perfect belated Valentine's Day gift. // I really related to Amanda's post on home decoration. I might rent but I'm still trying to figure out what I *want* in my space and sometimes inspiration is more harm than help. // Though I did love her link to this easy wall decor. // Um, TOTALLY want to see this. // I'm not watching Fresh Off The Boat, but if it includes scenes like this and this then I may need to catch up. Pronto. // I've got a few different trips I'm saving up for this year and Digit just might be the kick in the pants I need to save more than I'm doing so right now.// OMG Cupcake Pushpop! //

And Even Cooler Clothing: My new favorite summer dress (bought with two coupons! Win!) // Has anybody tried these before & have an opinion? // What a maxi. I almost wish I had a need for this! // A very sophisticated butterfly dress. // Definitely need to try on some of these power pastels.

Elle said...

omg BSB makeup! Do they have heart shaped blush called, "The Shape of My Heart?" or a blue eyeshadow palette called "Drowning?"

Dana said...

@Elle - I wish!

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