Friday Finds: 2016 Swimwear

Friday, April 15, 2016

Since I decided to take the jump into posting swimwear pics on Instagram (which was admittedly a little terrifying) I thought it'd also be helpful to talk about some of the other one-pieces and bikini's I've found on the world wide interwebs this year.

Just keep in mind though that by virtue of body type I'm only showing swimsuits I could actually feasibly wear. 

Budget Friendly Winner: Forever21+, Alternate: Target

So cute right?! I flip flop between one-pieces for playing around in and two pieces for maximum sun soaking (while responsibly wearing sunscreen. And reapplying.). If you spend a little time on the YouTubes you'll see Forever21+ has had a ton of really cute swimsuits this season (some of which aren't available online anymore) but I bought the one on the right and highly recommend that if you can get to a store to try them on that you give the pieces a try.

Mid-Range Winner: LOFT, Alternate: ASOS

Now LOFT is my choice for the mid-range swimwear shopper, but I'm torn a little bit about my recommendation. Recently LOFT has changed their return rules when it comes to beach/swim and it really grinds my gears. Swimwear is online only, and you qualify for free shipping at $125. BUT. You can no longer return swimwear in store AND there's a $7-$8 fee if you use their shipping label. All of that to say, I'm prefacing my recommendation with HOW ANNOYING THAT IS, because I don't think it's fair to charge me return shipping for something I physically can't try on in store. Poop on you LOFT.

But to get back to the swimsuits - the one on the left is a suit I bought in a different pattern last summer - it fits great and the keyhole with rouching is incredibly flattering. The bikini in the middle I bought this year in a different pattern, and while it's definitely less... coverage to say the least, lol, I still feel cute in it and it'll be perfect for just laying out. The suit on the right I tried on but just didn't love as much as the bikini so I returned it. All were true to size with good reviews (I really like swimwear that comes in number sizing).

Higher End Winner: Anthropologie, Alternate: Nordstrom

That lovely, amazing swimsuit on the right? The one that started it all my friends. I randomly picked a Seafolly swimsuit to try on from the sale rack last summer and it is SO. FREAKING. CUTE. I felt adorable and playful in it, and if that's not a sign to drop $60, I don't know what is. Now even with my employee discount this suit is frightfully expensive, and I wasn't sure I wanted to drop the $$ on a suit in the exact same shape as one I already own. It was a dilemma that the Forever21+ option saved me from, but then when I was picking cute options for today's post I found the striped one of the LEFT and it is also damn cute (seriously, look at the back too - love it!). And it is even more expensive than the one on the right so...womp womp.

What about you guys? Found any to-die-for swimwear this year?
 Let me know!

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