Geek of the Week #34

Friday, April 22, 2016

// I'm not ashamed to say SK-II had me crying at this commercial. If I had the means it'd pretty much be "TAKE ALL MY MONEY" time.

// Ok, JYP, I see you, lol.

// As someone who often sees herself as one of those "in-betweeners", I'm not sure how I feel about the plus size or not discussion. I'm glad it's one we're having at all honestly, since I do agree that seeing more of all kinds of bodies is good for everyone.

// I didn't have an allergic reaction per se when I moved to all Lush products (many years ago) but it definitely didn't work with my skin like what I use now. I tend to tell people to trust research first, leave "natural" at the counter.

// Thank goodness for Facebook (which, wow) and my friend Natasha because I loved this video. Each guy really genuinely expressed how they dressed and what their style wishes would be, and it was awesome to see them enjoy the change.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I don't even regret being a terribly inconsistent TV watcher if this is what we're getting now a days... // I'm incredibly proud of the people out there doing good work, even when total douchenozzles make it difficult. //Anybody watching this show? I'm not much of a reality TV person but this review & the show's apparent "lack of drama" intrigue me. // Ghost in the Shell was a really monumental anime moment  in my youth, which is just part of why the cast in its live action remake annoys me so. //

Clothing & Jewelry: Amanda wears that "Fun and Games" dress SO WELL. // Yes to this shirt. // And this one. // YAAAS. // I'm officially throwing my BFF under the bus because WHY would she show me this?! I love this necklace. And this purse. Both totally useless, both totally adorable. // I haven't seen this dress in person but online at least it looks fantastic. //

Natasha Kugel said...

YESSSSSS!!! That video is AWESOME!! I also really love Ned and Eugene! <3

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