Geek of the Week #37

Friday, August 26, 2016

//I know I don't normally highlight articles like this, but damn Idris.

// I don't know if I'll ever actually be on top of my cooking game enough to make little compact flavor bombs, but it certainly does sound cool (& useful!).

// I love Louise over on xoJane, though not always her Creepy Corner articles because duh - they're creepy - but this one about her great-grandmother and great-grandfather is beautiful.

// Movie tangent! What do we think about A Monster Calls? or La La Land I have to admit I'm a bit hesitant about them both (La La mostly because I'm never getting over Crazy, Stupid, Love and how the whole damn cast nailed Steve Carell's ass to the wall because he left THE WIFE WHO CHEATED ON HIM.).

// Is it strange that I like Chuck Wendig so much but haven't read any of his books yet? Probably.

// I don't I've bought a gaming system for myself since.... well never, but I'm still mighty tempted by this mini Nintendo, which comes installed with most of the games I remember from my childhood.

// I continued to be invested in Kingsman movie news :D

// Shatner, you were never my favorite captain, but you can definitely stop talking now

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I've loved the Bloggess for what feels like forever and it's so amazing to see her succeed - especially with amazing surprise books like this! // Now if only I had a mailbox... // I don't usually go in for the fan film thing, I'm probably a bad nerd for it, but this Futurama one looks strangely intriguing (& a little horrifying). // Why yes, I do love Clueless trivia questions (I only missed one!) // I haven't started sewing yet but this is pretty much what I imagine the process to look like. // Why yes, I *DO* enjoy Buffy think pieces. Why do you ask

Clothing & Jewelry: And to continue the theme of things I want but really have no reason (yet) to buy: this sweater // This skirt. // Or this skirt. // There's also this one too. // In the "slightly over the line ridiculous dress I would probably never wear" category. // Why wait for the actual holiday season when you can buy super cute items now? // I've tried on a billion anoraks and this is by far the most flattering. //
Tea Gal said...

Those compact flavour bombs are the way West Indians have been cooking for years.

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