I'm Alive! And DragonCon 2016 :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hey Friends! Did you miss me?

Sorry I kind of disappeared there, but between Puerto Rico, moving, Maid of Honor duties, and DragonCon, it's been quite a hectic few weeks! I'm not going to say I'm completely back on my regular posting schedule, I'm still feeling my way when it comes to places I can take blog photos, but for now here's a look at some of what I've been up to!

(Oh, and in case you want a better explanation of what DragonCon is or some especially good costume photos, make sure to check out Epbot. You won't regret it :D). 

As always, click to embiggen.

Clockwise from the top left...ish? 
  1) Why yes that IS an 8ft long rainbow caterpillar. It's not mine but it's damn awesome. 2) The ever impressive DragonCon logo, with my slightly less impressive defiance of any dirt on the marble floor of the Hyatt. 3) Babs Tarr! Artist for the latest Batgirl series and all around awesome human being. 4) Friends in the mostly empty vendor mart - so cool! 5) Adulting like the adults we are, and grabbing dinner outside the con. 6) The "3 Musketeers" 7) Ms. Frizzle and Bill Nye the Science Guy! 8) Some super cool makeup and....9) Cerberus the oh-so-fluffy! Also known as Fluffy, Also Fluffy, and Fluffiest. 

 Click below for more of the Con-y goodness!

1) An incredible Labyrinth duo that ALSO DIDN'T GET TICKETS TO THE GALA. I'll never not be bitter about that. 2) Mostly empty vendor's mart (& friends!). 3) Punk Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter! A surprisingly popular costume this year, I saw a few different Sailor Moon's wandering the hotels. 4) We decided to wear fancy dresses with no place to go in them. Shrug. Sounds about right. 5) Lego (traditional) Ghostbusters! 6) I don't know who this cosplayer is, but her glowing armor was/is amazing. 7) Fluffy Cerberus! (Again? Sh*t.) 8) Labyrinth logo from the Center for Puppetry Arts 9) Balloon Death Eater! Someone else had to tell me that though, because I haven't see any of the HP movies.

1) Tiana and Charlotte (you have seen Princess and the Frog haven't you?)! For sure one of my favorite costumes I've ever worn at DragonCon. 2) First Black Princess giving a little love to the lone (male) Black Ghostbuster 3) I love that Ironheart hasn't even debuted in comics yet but she's already being cosplayed. 4) Redneck Thor and Loki? Redneck Thor and Loki. 5) Hi from me again! 6) Sari Avengers. These ladies were SO BEAUTIFUL in person, I don't think my phone picture could do them justice. 7) Boss Ross and his happy little tree, Baby Groot! 8) I found me an Epbot! 9) Tiana don't take no sass, especially on the court (track? What the heck do roller derby woman skate on?) 10) Sorry...but not. Naveen was having a hell of a time between Charlotte and I. 11) Return of the DC Comics Greek Gods (Mera, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, & Harley Quinn) 

And that's it! I figured with collages one post was enough DragonCon ridiculousness for anyone, but I hope you enjoyed this little peek into where I go every Labor Day ;).

Tea Gal said...

The Sari Avengers ARE AMAZING and I'm sorry you didn't get to go to the ball. We should have a fancy dress party at my place - whenever I get one that is.

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