Geek of the Week #38

Friday, January 6, 2017

 // Anyone else going to be in DC for the Women's March? Here's your new headgear and it is fantastic.

// A powerful article from Jezebel - "Becoming Ugly"

// The Paley Center for Media hosted a special discussion about representations of STEM in feature films and this one, centered around Hidden Figures, is freaking awesome.

// I have no idea what Fashion Nova is, but this Revelist article was both hilarious and depressing.


// "Obama's Anger Translator Helps The President Make His Farewell Address"

// I don't even wear perfume but I loved this article from (RIP) xoVain.

// Do yourself a favor, buy the smoked paprika, and make this soup. The, and I'm not a soup person.

// I love the idea of rewarding yourself for the little things we succeed at everyday.

//  "I hope that, as you think about what that list might hold, you’ll allow yourself to be enveloped in a resolve similar to the one I am feeling right now – that no administration, no matter how hostile it may be to the dreams we have for ourselves is going to succeed in crushing them. That no set-back, no matter how daunting it may seem, is going to constrain our desire to see our values reflected in the policies of this country. That no one is going to quiet us, sit us down, hold us back or ignore us. That we are, in fact, the makers of change." - Wendy Davis, Bustle

Fun Posts & Random Finds: This and this. They're pretty similar topic-wise, but things I've thought more about lately. // THAT DRESS ON KATIE IS AMAZEBALLS. // A little happier world-wise, in case you missed the story of how Stephen Colbert met his wife. //

Clothing & Jewelry: I still preferably want a yellow rain jacket, but this red is nice too. // When In Doubt, Go To The Library //

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