Geek of the Week #39

Friday, January 27, 2017

// I've never read Ask Polly before, and I have pretty apprehensive feelings about Kanye and Lena Dunham, but this is an interesting article for the most part: "How Do I Find True Love And Stop Dating Half-Assed Men?"

// Oooh, Jane Austen/Regency era inspired video game.

// WTF teachers.

// I don't understand why I'd want to walk around in anything that has Kylie's face on it, let alone if it looks like a cheap iron-on. To each their own I guess?

// This actually looks like a super interesting movie to watch - it's going on the list!

// I'm still on the fence about whether the new Power Rangers movie will be anything other than trash, but this latest trailer is kind of fun.

// I'm also still unapologetically scarred by the awesome but terrifying Pan's Labyrinth and this trailer is much too reminiscent of it. But I still kind of want to see it.

// Need a soup suggestion? Budget Bytes continues to knock it out of the park with this one (I added some red pepper flakes and used 19oz of tricolored tortellini - so freaking tasty.)

// Thanks be to the Internet, especially for things like this:

// Did you add the 2018 Mid-Term Elections to your calendar? Because you should.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I've never done a 10x10 but watching Un-Fancy and Style Bee do it is both mesmerizing and inspiring. // Did you know a subscription to Teen Vogue is only $5? // Alison Freer is the best and worst person to be imaginary friends with on the Internet. // Dammit, I want ALL of these. // A Beautiful Mess is looking for writers - looking for a new dream job? //

Clothing & Jewelry: The reviews are only so-so on this dress, but I kind of like the idea of a full length sweater to wrap myself in, lol. //  Looking for some gingham this summer? Get ye to Last Call, where this dress is cheap and cute as hell. // Anyone else looking for a cute plaid wrap that doesn't cost your whole life? Modcloth has us covered. // I have no idea why this dress appeals to me so much, but damn if it doesn't. // I bought a super cute pair of Dolce Vita booties from TJ Maxx recently on clearance. These aren't quite the same but are close and should hopefully fit similarly :). // NY&Co is always hit or miss, but their Resort Collection has some pretty cute stuff in it. I finally submit to the pervasiveness of the bell sleeve and present this dress as a good look. Ditto on this embroidered peasant dress. // Elephant skirt!

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