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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I thought before we all (myself included) forgot what I looked like in anything other than jeans and sweaters I should probably put in a bit more effort here on the ol' blog. It's weird because I'm typically *such* a Fall/Winter person, but this year I'm just not feeling it. Thankfully this dress is so soft that it mostly feels like I'm walking around in a full length sweatshirt, so it's easier to convince myself to wear it.

I'd never actually done the hidden belt trick before this outfit, and while I liked the different silhouette, I think I might try it with other dresses in the future, because I had to fidget a bit more than I would like to get everything to lay correctly.

 Dress: Lou & Grey ~ Tights: Target ~ Booties: Vince Camuto (old) ~ Bag: Patricia Nash (other Patricia Nash on Ebay) ~ Necklace & Sunglasses: Kate Spade ~ Belt: No Brand

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