Fitting Room Review: Anthropologie #3

Friday, February 3, 2017

I keep telling myself Spring is on the horizon, so during my latest trip through the new arrivals I picked a mix of items, at different weights, price points, and styles.

Vintage Modern Tee ($48, Size L), Paperbag Joggers ($128, Size L)
My Thoughts: I've had my eye on some non-traditionally skinny pants for a while, and these were the first winners. They fit true to size, a little loose in the waist, but to maintain the jogger fit I didn't size down. The shirt is fine - soft - but not worth $48 in my opinion. 

Chino Jumpsuit ($138, Size 12)
My Thoughts: A friend asked me to try this on and while I had initially thought it fit pretty well (but wasn't for me), it is actually hilarious posted next to the model. I mean, I know I don't have a model body, but these barely look like the same item. So, yeah, I didn't get this, but maybe try it on to see if it's for you?

Lova Ribbed Sweater ($250, Size M), Pilcro Stet Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans ($138, Size 32)
My Thoughts: I really like this 100% cotton sweater, but $250?! No, just no. There is absolutely no reason to pay that kind of money for something that is not a completely timeless item. Which this isn't. And these jeans fit mostly true to a size, which means I had enough room to try on the 31 if I'd really been interested in buying them.

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