Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Review

Friday, May 26, 2017

On my eternal quest to look preternaturally perfect while the summer humidity makes my life a living hell, I decided that I needed (wanted) a "wet look" eye product. Cream, gloss, the exact formula wasn't something I had nailed down when I went into Nordstrom, but the overall effect.

And since I am a creature of habit and have long loved most things Charlotte Tilbury, I quickly got sucked in by the CT counter and after a delightful swatch session and chat with one of their reps, found my product.

From the Charlotte Tilbury website...

"Captivate the room in just one glance with my Eyes To Mesmerise Cream Eye Shadow pots – a clever cream-to-sheen formula that creates maximum impact with minimum effort. Simply add a sheer wash of color with your fingertip for a flattering finish for day, or add drama for evening by applying with my Eye Blender Brush for high-impact, high-shine lids. It’s the ultimate foolproof product and forms part of my One-Minute No-Mirror Makeup.

Choose from six lustrous shades for an instant molten smokey eye that lasts. Bette is a rich, burnished, amber-gold tone designed to recreate those famous and powerful Bette Davis eyes. Pair it with The Classic eyeliner powder pencil in Sophia for an elegant smokey effect that’s softer than black. "

I think Amber-Gold is a much better description than Nordstrom's "warm, burnished chocolate" (chocolate? What chocolate looks like this?) . On my lids Bette is a warm, non-yellow gold with just a touch of glitter - the most sophisticated, never falls down on your face - glitter. It's easy to apply with fingers or a brush, though in either instance I like using a stiffer fluffy brush to buff out the edges. It's beautiful by itself or under eyeshadow, where it does an incredible job at intensifying any shimmer shadow I put on top. Completely by itself I saw a little creasing after 5 or so hours on a really humid day, but with a thin layer of concealer or primer down first it's pretty much fool-proof.

And look what I have for you - a somewhat unimpressive close up of my eyes!

For as little product as I need to use for every look, I imagine this little pot will be around for years or until it expires, whichever comes first. Well worth the $32!

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