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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sometimes you fall in love with a dress and just know that it's something special. That even if you only wear it a few times each season, it's worth it, because of how it makes you feel. I'm incredibly thankful that when I came across one such dress, Ali of Heliantha Photography (who's on Instagram too!) was kind enough to venture out into the wilderness with me to shoot it.

It's a little terrifying to have pictures taken by someone new and without my usual armor (sunglasses), but it was also amazing to get the finals back and be so happy with how they turned out. I'm not going to say I can look at all of them and not have my brain go into its little nitpicking spiral of poopheaddom, but I'm working on being kinder to myself and any steps forward are good ones in my book.

 Dress: Free People* ~ Sandals: Seychelles ~ Earrings: World Market (I can't find the exact pair online, but they have so many cute tassel earrings: one, two, three)

Fit Note: This dress runs a little big, I'm assuming because it's very flowy and kind of oversized by design, so I'm comfortably wearing a size Medium. It's also only lined on the bottom, so I'm wearing these for some additional coverage up top.

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