DragonCon 2017 Haul

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The only thing worse than spending more money than you planned to at DragonCon is getting home, taking pictures of it all, and then trying to put together a coherent post! [Face Palm]

I've done my best, but I want to put in a small disclaimer because I do not have a wide enough area in full sun to take pictures of all this stuff in, so I had to make do. And sometimes making do includes ridiculous props or the plastic you've had up in your apartment for a month (yay flooding).

 Sika Deer, The Dragon's Lair
Did I need yet another stuff animal? Of course not, but from the same company who brought into my life the huge fluffy Cerberus, I present to you the cuddliest little deer friend, who has already found a place of honor on my bed.

 Horned Headband, Ruth Nore Designs
(10% off with the code ADORNME)
Now this I had kind of bandied about in my mind as something I wanted, and thankfully the DragonCon environment provided! I love the natural balance of the leaves with the horns and the way it all blends so seamlessly with my hair makes it all even better. 

 Howl's Moving Castle Paper Craft, Will Pigg
Almost every year I find myself falling in love with a Totoro art piece, but this time Will Pigg got me with an absolutely amazing Howl's Moving Castle paper craft. HMC might be my favorite Miyazaki film (I'm a sucker for a happily ever after) and the balance of the wonder and magic with their relationship stole the show. I have no idea how I'll find the appropriate shadowbox for this, BUT I WILL.

 Red Queen Print, Yaya Han
There's just something about Yaya Han that makes me happy, even when I'm completely in awe of her skill and embarrassed to even be in her presence. On the very last day of Con I talked myself into visiting her booth, grabbed a makeup-less (for me) selfie, and picked up another print for my collection. 

 Robot Painting, Paper Bones

 Books & Smash the Patriarchy Pins, Paper Bones
Paper Bones is so freaking awesome! I love her style and feminist agenda. I keep almost buying her coffee and donut piece, but right now this little robot will have to be the beginning of what I know will be a much larger collection. 

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee
There is this one booth at DragonCon, small, kind of hidden amidst all the other vendors, often staffed by the authors themselves, that I've been caught by a couple times. The authors and staff are just so genuinely excited to have you there and talk to you about their books, that even when I don't fall absolutely in love with something, I'm happy to support. This year I picked up a book that I actually remember reading quite a bit about a few months ago, so wish me luck!

 Hooded Capelet, Pendragon Costumes
Pendragon Costumes yo. My gateway drug into completely-unnecessary-but-so-freaking-beautiful pieces. I always seem to find myself browsing their selection at DragonCon and this time I fell in love with a capelet that perfectly matches the Renaissance set I'd bought from them a few years ago. And not only does it look good with that, but it ALSO works with my brown leather corset, which means it'll do enough double duty to make the purchase worth it. 

 Victorian Inspired Skirt (two-pieces), Wolfhome Adventuring

Ok so I *know* these pictures aren't the best, but I couldn't face actually putting this on my body over the weekend (or steaming it....). You'll see it in some Halloween-y posts next month though, so this really just an "until then" kind of thing. This purchase came about from a want/need to have something to wear with both my grey and brown corsets. I was originally drawn to this same design in black, but after chatting with the owner she recommended the blue and was able to take in the waist over night when we both realized all the skirts she had on hand were too big. I love that this is two separate pieces, because it layers beautifully and looks fuller that way. PLUS while the round buttons are a pain in the butt to open and close, they look great and I am vain enough to be totally on board with that.

And that's it folks! Did you make it to the end? I know this was a mammoth post, but hopefully it gives you at least an idea of some of the geek-y goodies you can get your hands on at DragonCon. I love the ability to actually see and try on stuff in person, because you never know what's going to end up being can't-live-without perfect.

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