July/August Clothing Recap

Monday, September 25, 2017

So....about July and August. July went fine, with purchases I was pleased with across the board, but as the month went by and starting creeping into August I just got sad. Sad at the world, stressed about the safety of my place in it, and it all just started making me unhappy - which unsurprisingly resulted in some unsanctioned shopping. Do I feel bad about it? Maybe a little, but I'm the one who has to live my life and if sometimes that means making still thoughtful clothing purchases outside the month I was supposed....then I'll get through it. So far in September I've spent more time considering what I want my Fall/Winter style to be than actually buying any new clothing, and as that's still in line with my goals for the year, I'm happy about it.

1. Anthropologie Deep V-Neck Striped Dress

2. Anthropologie Blush V-Neck Maxi Dress

3. LOFT Jumpsuit

4. Eileen Fisher Round Neck Shell 

5. Eileen Fisher Cotton Top 

6. COS Wide Leg Trousers

7. Blank NYC Moto Jacket (this purchase is being re-thought actually. I'm not sure it's still in line with where I want my wardrobe to be, and as a Nordstrom purchase, it's easy enough for me to return.)

8. Black & Petty Shirt

9. Madewell T-shirt 

10. Free People Dress

11. Vince Dress

What am I thinking about for Fall? Gray apparently. All the gray, more pants, and very little (see none) skirts or dresses. I love dresses in the Spring/Summer, but at least so far there hasn't been a lot available on the interwebs that makes me think extending it to the rest of year is worthwhile.

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