Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I know I just said jacket-less was a thing of the past but surprise, surprise, here's a sweater!

(Which honestly wasn't warm enough by itself - I wish I'd layered a turtleneck or something underneath.)

I'm still working on my Sept-October clothing recap, but let's just say it didn't go...great. I'd been doing so well with thoughtfully adding pieces only when I meant to, but then came Fall and SWEATERS and my self-control broke a little. I *will* say that I only bought pieces I'd made enough money for on Poshmark, which is not the same as not buying something at all, but did in fact make me feel a little better. 

Part of the reason this particular sweater stole my heart was that it really fulfilled that vision of what I wanted to look like. I felt enveloped by huge, cozy warmth but still had some structure, especially once I did the half-tuck into these GAP jeans (jury's still out on them by the way). I think a shopping ban/constraint is all well and good except when you've gotten rid of a least 1/3 of your closet already and you're trying to figure out what the hell you want to wear when the temperature drops to below 30 degrees. Then maybe there's some room for compromise.

Sweater: H&M* (can't find it online, but I bought it last month $19.90) ~ Jeans: Gap ~ Boots: Born ~ Purse: Coach (thrifted) ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade (old)

*Fit Note: If you run across this sweater it runs pretty big in my opinion - I'm in a medium.

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