Empties #3

Friday, November 17, 2017

I was all ready to apologize for never actually doing a second post and turning this idea of mine into a real series, but LO AND BEHOLD I already *did* a second post and three definitely makes it a series! YES!

[Happy Dance!]

[It's the little things people, that get you through the day.]

I think the biggest mental hurdle I have to get over on these types of posts is the idea that I'm somehow not qualified to be giving an opinion. But you know what? I tried these products, used them enough to actually finish them, and have accumulated a few thoughts and feelings that might be helpful to you.

Ren Clarifying Clay Cleanser ($32), Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner (~$13), Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream (~$10), CVS Detoxifying/Perfecting Black Facial Mask ($3.49, reformulated), Caudalie S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum ($49), Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Serum ($78), Sunday Riley Good Genes ($105), Estee Lauder Little Black Primer ($25)

Let's just agree now not to do the math ok? Also, take heart that a lot of these were bought over a significant period of time (kinda sorta). For the quick and dirty take I've repurchased the toner and the mascara primer, though that doesn't mean the rest of what you see here was bad.

The REN cleanser I bought at the beginning of my retinol usage and I actually think it's a great soothing/non-irritating cleanser - I just literally went through it in 2 months and for $32 I haven't decide yet if it's worth the repeated splurge. I bought a different one from the line during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale (the oil controlling one) and much less seems to be dispersed with each pump so I've got my fingers crossed.

The eye cream was "eh", so if you're looking for a cheap eye cream I'd say that one was fine but unremarkable, the CVS mask I *loved* so clearly it's been reformulated because the universe hates me, and despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I could not understand the hype about Good Genes. Out of the entire time I used if I felt like my skin looked visibly better maybe once or twice? Definitely not enough to warrant a second bottle.

As far as the Caudalie and Dr. Dennis Gross serums go, I think the only reason I didn't repurchase them is because I'm a "try-er" - my loves to get caught by the new bright and shiny serum, so if I didn't see a fantastically amazing result I move on. The Caudalie I used instead of a moisturizer during the summer - which it did a good job at - but I never felt like I saw the incredible hydrating benefits that everyone raves about in the review section of Sephora. The Dr. Dennis Gross I did actually see visible improvement in the pigmentation/clarity of my skin, enough that I decided to graduate to a strictly Vitamin C serum for even better results. 

Oh and the toner was not like, mind-blowing, but seems to be playing well with my retinol for a cheap price point so I'm probably going to stick with it for a while, and the Little Black Primer is probably the only mascara primer I've used and liked (plus it can be worn by itself and over other mascaras/brows to waterproof whatever you've applied there).

While not as quick and dirty as I usually try to keep these round-ups, I hope my very not professional opinion gives you a few new products to consider the next time you're looking at your own empties.

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