2018 Wardrobe Resolutions

Friday, January 19, 2018

I realize it's nearly the middle of January and who, you may ask, bothers to discuss resolutions in the middle of January? Apparently I do! I've been taking the past few weeks to think about where I left off wardrobe-wise in 2017, and what I wanted to tackle in 2018. Before moving forward though, let's take a look back at the resolutions I made last year:

1. I want clothes for the life I live now, not the one I have in my head. *50% Accomplished* Resolutions like these are always a bit of a work in progress, but I've steadily culled items from my wardrobe and replaced them with ones that make me happy. I still tend to think my style has little to no consistence other than solid colors (and even that goes out the window in the Summer) but it's much less stressful to me than it was.

2. I want to take every other month as a clothes buying breather, to assess where I am. *Not Accomplished* As I mentioned before, I was not very good at this goal, hahaha. I tried! I did! But shopping is one of my favorite hobbies outside of reading, and when you work a desk job it's almost impossible to not browse. Still, I do think the attempt taught me a lot about how I shop and why, so I'm not beating myself up too much about the failure.

3. Unsubscribe from mailing lists that stress me out. *Accomplished!* I unsubscribed to a lot of listserves last year, and even the new ones that have popped up due to online orders I've gone in and unsubscribed to. I've really enjoyed NOT getting all the background noise emails, even if they only went to my junk account.

4. Figure out why I don't want to wear what I have - and figure out what I want instead. *50% Accomplished* I realize that it might be a bit ridiculous to give a 50% completion rate to a very existential resolution, but I do honestly feel like I'm getting better at figuring out what I want to wear. Honestly and totally. At some point last year I commented on Alison Freer's Facebook posts about style overhauls, and her response boiled down to "it sounds like you've outgrown your closet". While that may not be particularly revolutionary of an idea, I think it was the beginning of opening my eyes to the decision that change is not bad. That no longer loving or feeling "you" in clothes you've owned for years - or months  - is not bad. I'm allowed to put aside what no longer serves me. I think work-wise I've still got some room for growth, I have just enough leeway that not wanting to look like an Ann Taylor models means I have so many options it makes my head spin, but this one I leave as a positive work in progress.

And with all that said, I guess it's time we start looking ahead right?  

Here are my 2018 Wardrobe Resolutions:

1. Take every other month off from clothes shopping. A repeat from last year, but I learned enough from it that I think it deserves another go-round. Which is why I'm flipping it so that we're starting the year on a buy month, so I don't feel guilty if I end up making investment purchase during these "end of year" sales.

2. Figure out my corporate style. My friend nailed it, calling a lot of my weekend summer style "Kate Moss at Coachella", and while I realize that's not really viable long-term, I'm gonna go with that for now.  That still doesn't absolve me from elevating my at work look though, and finding a medium between business casual style and jeans/flats is my goal.

3. Continue to pursue more ethically made options when possible. I've explored ethical fashion here and there over the year, and I hit some roadblocks. First of them being that more than a statically probable number of times, the brand I'm interested in doesn't go above a size 10. Second, they often don't accept returns either. Learning more about Garmentory via Style Bee, I think as I identify serious holes in my closet or areas that deserve an upgrade, I might end up going in that direction (doesn't solve the size problem though, but nothing really does).

And I think that might be it? At home I hope to prioritize creating a happy living space, and I'd like to learn to at least make space and turn on my sewing machine, haha, but for specifically wardrobe-centric resolutions, those are the big ones. There might be some conversations later that delve a little deeper into my thoughts surrounding blogging, why I do it, what I hope to accomplish, etc. but I've already given you all a virtual book to get through so lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Thanks as always for reading and for being the awesome people you all are.

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