Geek of the Week #40

Friday, January 12, 2018

// "A Major Corporation Just Bought America’s Biggest Black Beauty Company" - it's hard to see black owned businesses get bought up, if only because it's hard to believe that the same customer it was founded to serve will continue to be the priority.

// Look how talented this woman I went to highschool with is! Kaitlin (cello) is living her dream like a f*cking BOSS.

// I'm not going to say that I have like, *full* royal wedding fever or anything, but damn if these two don't make a beautiful couple.

// Sephora built a makeup theme park in Dubai and I'm definitely jealous.

// I will probably never be the die-hard Cardi B fan my friend is, but I can always appreciate a woman's hustle.

// Pinch of Yum has me convinced that I can make brioche, which might be a terrible lie, but I'm going to use Bread in Five's recipe anyway.

// An important article from Racked:

"Central in all of these business models, though, is the question of whose problems are worth solving, and maybe nowhere are those judgments clearer than in the world of fashion startups, with their dedication to reinventing the wheel for what is already the world’s most extravagantly well-served apparel consumer base: thin women."

// Not an article, but some animes have crept up on my "should watch" list that I wanted to mention: Little Witch Academia and The Royal Tutor

// Ssssshhhhh!

Fun Posts & Random Finds: Between Caroline Hirons & A Beautiful Mess I kind of feel like I have to try Leahlani Skincare. // Do I need a $69 hair mask? Or a $55 curl cream? The Magic 8 Ball says no but I can't deny that I'm tempted. // The morning cleanser I've got ear-marked to buy next. // Sydney and her daughter are the cutest.  // CHRISTMAS THEMED CONVENTION YOU SAY?!// I didn't know I needed this article about Sarah Paulson until I got it.

Clothing & Jewelry: Some beautiful necklaces on my personal wishlist: one and two. // I'm still looking for my perfect pair of jeans, and I'm intrigued by the options from Coco Cooper and Universal Standard - anyone out there have an opinion on either? // I think my next investment purchases are going to be a leather jacket (cropped, probably moto) and some Chelsea boots. I'm pretty sure I'll go with the Everlane version for the latter, but if you have any Shot From The Street-inspired options (one, two, three) that are under $300 mark let me know.

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