New Skincare & Mini Reviews: Lagom, Fresh, & REN

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I've added a few new things to my skincare routine lately, and since I'm a woman known for having opinions on just about everything, here are some more!
The Lagom cleanser is fine. And that's exactly why I wanted it, so in this particular instance that's not a critique. It's gently scented, works well on both dry and damp skin, and doesn't leave any residue behind while also not striping the skin. I purchased this specifically to be a second/morning cleanser that would be a little more wallet friendly than the REN products I've been using, and so far I would say I hit the mark exactly.  

The Fresh mask was a Sephora gift with purchase mini, and I think the exfoliating bits are going to make this mask a hard pass for me. The directions tell you to apply a thick layer of this mask to your face using a circular motion, and then let it sit for 5 min. The vaguely cucumber scent isn't annoying, but the exfoliating particles are scratchy and feel kind of sharp? I think most of the day after "glowing" affect I see, and I will say that after two uses I woke up and my skin looked really nice, came from the rough exfoliation, which doesn't make it super pleasurable to use in the long term.
I think the REN body wash purchase was a result of two things: a well-timed conversation with a friend, and the subliminal messaging of Caroline Hiron's brand overview. I use two pumps of this cleanser on my loofah every time I shower, and while it doesn't make winter showering the "best thing ever" the rose scent is very soothing. My only complaint is that I wish the smell could stick around longer!

And there you have it folks, short and sweet and to the point. Have any products you're loving right now? Let me know!

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