January/February Clothing Recap

Friday, March 2, 2018

So....I guess I have to figure out how I want to talk about these again, huh?

I'm not sure how much or how little commentary is actually helpful to anyone other than me, hahaha, but I figure a little look into what I did decide to sink some money into - since I'm still trying to mindful about that part - might be good. After putting this list together I admit I'm a little embarrassed by everything I ended up buying, but at least for now I'm gonna try to stick with it. Just maybe don't judge me?

1. Waterproof Leather Boots (G.H. Bass & Company, Size 9)
-I'm classifying these as my useful gateway entry into a Chelsea Boot. My brain is telling me that the flat-ish Chelsea boot style makes my legs look short and wide in a way I don't like, so I bought these to both help my brain get over that while also providing a classier rainy day option I can comfortably wear all day at work.

2. Charcoal Cashmere Sweater (Lord & Taylor, Size XL)
-I probably became obsessed with one of these because of The Anna Edit, but honestly I love this and would wear it everyday if I could. I'm probably most proud about the fact that I didn't buy it in every color available, lol.

3. Velvet Blazer (Ralph Lauren, Size 14)
-Unexpected purchase, but it's beautiful, well made, and makes me happy so...shrug.

4. Ethical Upgrade! Black Jeans (DL1961, Size 31)
-I had been making do with the Old Navy high-waisted sculpt jeans for a while, but they just were not my favorite. They came up too high actually, and made sitting down uncomfortable, the length was too long but I didn't consider them worth the investment to alter, and the denim made a funny sound when I walked.  So after spending the first half of January trying on what felt like a million pairs of jeans, I stumbled upon these on sale at Bloomingdales and not only do they fit beautifully, I love that they're more ethically made.

5. White Midi Dress (WAYF, Thrifted, Same Style in Burgundy, Size L)
-This sounds boring, but I bought this dress not because I loved it, but because over the summer I have very few work appropriate dress options. This dress is going to be a useful "eh" dress, and I'm totally ok with that because it was thrifted.

6. Unnecessary High Waist Jeans That I Fell In Love With (Urban Outfitters, Size 32)
-These are not ethically made and I should probably feel worse about them because I already have high-waisted straight leg jeans, but I love them and I can't help it. Also I was prepared to pay full price and they were magically 30% off for no reason I can understand so I feel like the universe wanted me to have them to.

7. Unnecessary Mini-Dress That I Settled For (Forever21, Size XL, Same Style in Blue/Red)
-I'm going to be up front with y'all, that I want I want is a Realisation Par dress. The problem is RP's "large" is a size 6-8 and ain't nobody got time for that, so I keep hunting down and trying on alternatives that will hopefully give me a similar feeling without showing all the bits and tits. I can't find the dress online yet, but it's a bit too "90's Caricature"  to be ideal, but right now I'm just gonna go with it.

8. Black Slacks (Vince Camuto, Size 12) - I'm desperately trying to incorporate more work appropriate pieces (as I wrote about above), and finding slacks that were a bit looser which could be worn with my Vagabond boots and pumps proved to be an unexpected (but not unsurprising) pain in my ass. These were a last ditch effort and I'm quite pleased with the fit and material.

9. Black Swimsuit (Jessica Simpson, Size XL) - I'm nearing a swimsuit crisis at this point, so I'm cutting myself off. I loved the fit/color of this suit, so I stalked it for 2 weeks until the price became what I wanted to pay (Amazon is not static, and it's annoying as hell. For example, I found this originally at $98, bought it to try and returned it at $80, then it went to $76, $72....until I bought it for real at $48. Wtf.).

*10. White Tank (LOFT, Size XL)
-This is getting an asterisk because I bought it with a giftcard that I got due to some of the worst customer service ever by the brand in question. I want to try this style, love white, and it fit much better than other options I've tried in the past, with some strappy accents to boot.

*11. Unnecessary Mini-Dress #2 (Free People via Poshmark, Size L)
-So you know how I just said I'm looking for that Realisation Par feeling? This was another attempt, still not quite right, but it's got some good qualities I'm looking forward to wearing anyway. Also asterisked because I used money I made selling clothes to buy the new dress.

12. Unnecessary Mini-Dress #3, The One and Only (ASOS, Size 12) - I KNOW OK, I KNOW. The mini-dresses have to stop and I've officially gone over the edge. This is the be-all-end-all of my hunt though, so the plan is to resell #11, maybe also #7, and be slightly less crazy about the whole thing.

13. Unnecessary Jumpsuit (Neiman Marcus Last Call, Size 12, Also Available From Lord & Taylor) - FYI, it was half price at Last Call, so maybe look around?- I have this weird luck where if I try on clearance semi-formal wear well after the end of the season, I tend to find the perfect outfit to wear next year. I've gotten through a few crazy weeks of corporate event planning never having to worry about what I was going to wear, and I admit it's pretty awesome. I do definitely feel like I have too many options though, so I'm going to do some kind of large Poshmark clear out as I try to find them new homes.

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