Geek of the Week #42

Friday, March 9, 2018

// Yes.

 via Classical Art Memes on Facebook

// "Digital Download: Chriselle Lim, the Superinfluencers’ Outlier"

// I know that my relationship with my hair dresser is very personal, so this article isn't at all surprising to me - "Beauty Salons Are Still Too Sacred for the Tech World to Take Over"

 Image of Drybar via Getty

// My teenage dreams are coming true because the Spice Girls are going on a reunion tour!!

// Easy come, easy go I guess - "Victoria Beckham squashes Spice Girls tour hopes"

//  I usually don't make it all the way through the long articles on Jezebel (sue me (but don't, because that would be terrible)) but this one is speaking my language - "The Romance Novelist's Guide to Hot Consent"

Donna Herron: It seems like a really, really, really horrible thing to say, but I feel like if you are centering the idea of not just consent but enthusiastic consent in your work, you’re having to world-build that, because it doesn’t exist in our society. It doesn’t exist in our world. We’ve proven that a lot here recently. So if you are centering that, you have to do it early. You’re having to build a circumstance and a society and set of people for whom that is important and vital. You can’t start late. There’s no such thing as starting world-building late. It’s either there or it’s not. You’ve either done it or you haven’t. If you have not gotten that at the very least in your head, not necessarily on the page yet but if you’re not approaching it from a place where that was something you were thinking of from the start, then you don’t have it.

// Free Book! I think this was a Dear Author recommend a little while back, but I have to say for a genre I don't read that often (mystery) I really enjoyed it!

// "Janelle Monáe Stars in "Noir Town," Directed by Jordan Peele"

 Starring Janelle Monae; Directed by Jordan Peele; Photographs by Collier Schorr; Styled by Sara Moonves;

Fun Posts & Random Finds: Have I mentioned the web comic O Human Star? If not I have been remiss because it is amazing. // StudioDIY has been killing it with the home content lately, and their closet might actually be my favorite thing they've shared so far! // I love this Disney inspired prom collection at Unique Vintage, *especially* since Tiana is included and she doesn't get enough love in my opinion. //If you're not already following the Mascara Melee roundups on Pretty Superb you should be, because mascara is unnecessarily expensive in my opinion, so I appreciate knowing if I'm gonna get the most bang for my buck. // Someone buy me this Black Panther Teddy Bear!!! Or buy it for yourself so I can live vicariously through you.

Clothing & Jewelry: I feel like I keep hearing about Target and their new clothing options lately, so I've got a couple on my radar - this light denim shirt option, and the cutest white button down I definitely don't need. // This Tory Burch bag is a bit too rich for my blood right now, but the color/size/shape is so perfect I might actually save up for it. // Have you prepared yourself for a long list of sh*t I don't need? Cause if so, here you go: a chambray maxi dress (that I'm pretty sure my tits will fall out of), a white midi dress I've loved for months, a long-sleeved white maxi dress I just saw today, a pseudo two-piece set perfect for summer nights, and a red-floral maxi for the day, all topped off with an over-sized button down that would look great tied over denim shorts or tucked into high-waisted mom jeans.

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